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The Interprovincial Violence Against Women (IPV) Project

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About the project

Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Nova Scotia Health (NSH), this mixed-methods study aims to identify and mobilize knowledge around best practices for preventing and responding to violence against women (VAW), during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic across Canadian provinces. In developing our understanding of the state of the social and healthcare response to VAW and best practices, we seek to account for differences in regions and population groups. We are conducting surveys and interviews with VAW survivors and staff who support them across Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Co-Investigators & Collaborators
  • Ann de Ste Croix

  • Annette Elliott Rose

  • Carla Neto

  • Catherine Roy Comeau

  • Cathy Holtmann

  • Christine Johnson

  • Christine Pritchett

  • Cora Cole

  • Corinne Sauvé

  • Crystal John

  • Elizabeth Tremblay

  • Erin Cusack

  • Geoff Wilson

  • Harmy Mendoza

  • Janice Du Mont

  • Jay Michaud

  • Jennifer Heatley

  • Jennifer Jollymore

  • Katey Altman​

  • Katie Rennie

  • Katrina Jarvis

  • Kylie Bergfalk

  • LeeAnn Larocque

  • Lindsey Parker

  • Lisa Greenough

  • Lisa Manuel

  • Lori Weeks

  • Margaret MacPherson

  • Martine Stewart

  • ​Nancy Cashen

  • Patricia O'Campo

  • Priya Shastri

  • René Boudreau

  • Rhonda Fraser

  • Robert Green

  • Shelley Fashan

  • Shiva Nourpanah

  • Silke Brabander

  • Stacy Burgess

  • Stephen Ferguson

  • Susan Wilson

  • Teresa Johnson

Latest project updates

Over 2,300 people have participated in The IPV Project to date!

Our surveys are now closed and we are beginning the final round of data collection: focus groups and interviews.

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In the news

Check out the latest media highlights of our work, including interviews and news coverage

On February 9, 2024, Dr. Yakubovich shared some of the preliminary survey results from The IPV Project in a talk called "How is the health system responding to violence against women in Nova Scotia?" as part of the Health Justice Institute Seminar Series at Dalhousie University.

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